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Data Storytelling for Libraries

DSTL Toolkit

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Free webinar

July 17, 2024!


The Data Storytelling Toolkit for Librarians project is supported by an IMLS planning grant

As the two-year planning project concludes, we are delighted to introduce the DSTL in a live webinar! The first half will be a presentation, and the second half will be an interactive session feedback. 


Registration and participation information will be sent  by email one day in advance.

Data Storytelling 101
sponsored by OCLC WebJunction
webinar recording now available 

Join Prof. Kate McDowell for

Data Storytelling Webinars and Research

Professor McDowell has worked with regional, national, and international nonprofits including the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO, part of WHO) and the Public Library Association (PLA), State Data Coordinators of the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and many state-level library associations. The nationally-funded IMLS project Data Storytelling Toolkit for Librarians has created a working demo. Try it above!  



Linda Smith

Professor McDowell's work empowers individuals, organizations, and communities to take control of their own narratives and use the resources and tools at their disposal to connect authentically with their audiences


Anne Craig

It is not just the content of her teaching that is significant, it is the manner in which she delivers this information. She is not only funny and warm, but also inviting of differing perspectives and inclusive of all participants, drawing listeners in and encouraging them to share their own experiences and questions. Her care is genuine; participants have reached out to her—always finding her accessible—repeatedly to find support and guidance


Matt Turk

Students consistently rate the course as extremely impactful in their careers in information science, due largely to the approach Professor McDowell has embedded in it that provides not just concrete, practical applications of the material, but a broader, deeply compassionate and thoughtful mindset that guides student learning and trajectories


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